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Angara Tahitian Cultured Pearl Pendant with Inverted Pear Bale XLvXC5WlI
Angara Tahitian Cultured Pearl Pendant with Inverted Pear Bale

I live in a town that is about 60% Hispanic and 40% White, and a few Blacks, Asians, and Eastern Indians. The crime rate is almost equal between the Hispanics and Whites. The majority of people in this town are economically disadvantaged. So I think poverty and lack of education plays a role. Although there is a small college in the town and the Black sports players cause a lot of problems, like theft and assault.

Katie Mullally Acorn Silver Charm cQJnl8

All of us “racist” white folk need to vote for Ben Carson. He never made any excuses for getting ahead despite his color or being raised in poverty by a single mother. He is a great role model, my lily white son idolizes him and wants to be a neurosurgeon too. Let’s stop labeling ourselves as anything but humans that should treat others with respect and love. If you live in the U.S. be part of the solution and don’t give in to victim mentality by labeling yourself into a disadvantaged group. I’d like to see some stats comparing black immigrants from war torn African countries with those that blacks that have been here much longer. Which group had it more difficult and which is doing better? My guess is those more recent arrivals had it worse and are doing better, because of their perspective that they have much more opportunity here and yet they would experience the same racism as their counterparts.

7th May 2015 at 6:10 pm

Endless print about the negativity of black behavior on the net tells me everything I need to know about them as a culture.

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@Dejan Vakuv

“No wonder that there are only 13% black people in America. If there were more than 50% of black population I am afraid America would turn to Africa where people would be hackled to death and burned to ashes as is the case in present day African countries like Kenya.”

We actually don’t know how many white people kill and get away with it. As long as it is considered self-defense, it isn’t included in murder stats. For example, no data is kept on how many people police kill. Also, how many people did white Americans kill during the Native American genocide, slavery, Jim Crow, drug wars, illegal and unconstitutional wars of aggression. and through support of authoritarian regimes?

All killings should be recorded and compared. Just because it is state-sanctioned violence doesn’t mean it is any less horrific and any more moral. Every violent state in history always legally justified its violence.


“Certain communities need to wake up and get with the program or things will never change”

Our entire society needs to wake up to systemic and institutional prejudices and privileges, most especially racism but also that of class. Collective problems that have existed in an entire society for centuries can’t be solved by the victimized individuals and communities. It requires a change in the society itself, but first people have to be willing to take responsibility for the problems they are complicit in.

Hilary Brueck
Jan. 17, 2018, 12:52 PM
Doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say they're seeing "widespread" instances of the flu in 49 states. It's the first time that many states have been slammed by the flu at the same time in over a decade. Some evidence suggests that the worst of the flu season is upon us, and that the flu shot will be better at protecting more late-season cases this year.

Flu season arrived early in the US this year, and it's been deadly. To make matters worse, the current vaccine isn't working very well against one of the most common strains of the virus .

"This year's influenza season is proving particularly difficult" CDC Deputy Director Anne Schuchat said during a briefing on Tuesday.

Perhaps most the most unusual thing about this year's flu , experts say, is that it's hitting almost everyone at the same time.

The flu is "widespread" in 49 states right now, Angara Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant Necklace in 14k Yellow Gold 3dQXmK4
(Hawaii is the only state without that distinction). Doctors at the CDC say they haven't seen that kind of across-the-board flu circulation in the last 13 years of tracking the flu, or maybe ever.

A quick and deadly spread

The prevalence of the flu has led to shortages of anti-viral drugs that doctors prescribe in the first 48 hours of illness to make the bug shorter and milder. Pharmacies in San Francisco and Atlanta have reportedly been running out of the drugs, but while there have been nationwide shortages in the past, the Kendra Scott Melissa Linear Drop Earrings aucuDE
says there are no current shortages of brand name or generic drugs.


At least 21 children have died from the flu so far this season, and Dan Jernigan, who directs the CDC's influenza division says it's likely that the actual number of kids who've been killed across the country could be double what's been reported.

On Tuesday, NBC reported that a fourth-grader from Connecticut died suddenly due to complications from the flu while away at a hockey event. It is not known whether the boy had been vaccinated, but Angara Prong Set Pink Tourmaline Three Stone Ring in White Gold 4vYrx
showed that getting a shot can significantly reduce a child's likelihood of dying from the flu.

In California alone, 43 people under the age of 65 have died, most of whom were un-vaccinated adults, the California Department of Health told Business Insider . One victim in the state was a 40-year-old marathon-running mother whose flu led to pneumonia and sepsis, according to CBS .

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